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Welcome to Lux Space Design, your one-stop shop for new construction services specializing in custom homes, commercial buildings, and residential properties. Our team of experienced builders and licensed contractors has the skills and expertise to ensure that your new construction project is completed on time and within budget.

Types of New Construction Services

At Lux Space Design, we offer a wide range of new construction services to meet your unique needs. Our services include:

    Custom home building: We work with you to design and build a custom home that fits your lifestyle and budget.
    Residential construction: We specialize in building new residential properties, including single-family homes and multi-unit dwellings.

Benefits of New Construction Services

Choosing new construction services with Lux Space Design has many benefits, including:

    Customization: With our new construction services, you have the ability to customize the design of your property to fit your specific needs and preferences.
    Energy efficiency: New construction properties are built using the latest building materials and technologies, which can increase energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.
    Modern amenities: New construction properties often feature the latest modern amenities, such as smart home technology and energy-efficient appliances.

At Lux Space Design, we leverage the expertise of our professional team, which includes experts in architectural vision, interior design, and construction. Our team works collaboratively to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and feasible. We bring a rich perspective to the construction process.

By choosing Lux Space Design as your one-stop-shop, you can rest assured that we will oversee the material selection, design, and construction processes to ensure your project is completed in a timely and valuable manner.


At Lux Space Design, we have a team of experienced builders, contractors & Architects who are fully licensed and insured to handle any new construction project.

Please email us or call us to arrange an appointment.

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Share your dreams for a bathroom with us, and we can help you design and build it! We do it all – we will help you plan it, pick and order the materials and fixtures; and with the help of licensed and insured contractors, we will help you get your bathroom renovated.

Contact us to explore the possibilities and let us help you create a stunning bathroom for yourself


Commission us to design and project manage the complete refurbishment of your kitchen. Almost every item will be designed; and accessories and furniture procured and arranged by us to create the ultimate in luxury living.


This home has a high-end, modern look that complements the grandeur of the architectural elements. The home has 3,500sq. ft. of living space with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths on two levels; and a terrace and a swimming pool. In our design, we were able to incorporate existing pieces of furniture and accessories that the client had. We added our own pieces and the result is a seamless design, where all furniture and accessories are well matched and complement each other. Our goal is to work within your budget, with the goal of creating an inspiring home that is unique to you and best represents you.


Refined high end staging for a luxury home in Saratoga. The focus was on creating a calm space which unlocked the potential of this beautiful home. The design responds to the owner’s request of using white. Through our sophisticated design and attention to detail we were able to transform this house into a serene space which made many buyers feel like they had come home.


Luxury Home Interior design Staging This house was staged in the San Francisco Bay Area and recently sold over asking. We designed the space in a mid century modern aesthetic, using contemporary pieces with a keen eye and attention to detail, with a focus on providing high end luxury appeal. This was achieved by using royal colors like gold and deep blue in accessories and artwork; and through the use of gorgeous and stylish furniture that is custom picked for this space. We paid attention to each small detail of the house- the accent chairs in the informal living space for instance, were picked to match the fireplace. The gold on the painting above the sofa is a nod to the kitchen counter wall and the gold bar stools.


Staging & Interior Design Our main aim was to create an elegant space, with modern classical pieces. Aesthetically, different parts of the house have a common theme where the focus is on providing a sense of high-end luxury. We have used gorgeous and stylish furniture that is custom picked for this space. Through our attention to detail, we were able to create a harmonious space with a very sophisticated feel.